Sunday 19th August 2018

Fashion spotlight on Hong Kong designers

Hong Kong designers showed off their latest collections at London Fashion Week in an effort to bring the city’s creativity to the world stage.

Fashion Hong Kong, organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, aims to raise the global profile of Hong Kong fashion designers and labels.

This includes four fashion houses presenting their autumn/winter 2018 collections in London for the first time.

Glori Tsui established her brand Methodology while studying in Nottingham. Her latest collection used her brand’s silhouettes with plaid patterns, solid colors and layered textures.

The designer described Hong Kong’s fashion scene as a melting pot of different cultures which is reflected in some fashion collections.

“Hong Kong’s design and creative industry is quickly growing,” said Tsui.“Many labels based in Hong Kong are now doing very well internationally.”

A mix of cultures can also be seen in the designs of Dora Chu, who drew her inspiration from the second wife of King Henry VIII of England, Anne Boleyn.

Chu paired her brand Maison Vermillion with Chinese paper-cutting artist, Li Yunxia, on some pieces, to create a cross-culture of Chinese paper cut with Western lace fabrics.

“I graduated from Central Saint Martins and as a student I would attend these fashion shows,” Chu said, “but this time it is my collection on show — I feel like I’ve finally made it and hopefully this will continue.”

Also showing at London Fashion Week is Vickie Au, head designer of House of V. Her collection was inspired by Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind.

She uses different textures, collar details and accessories such as brooches to bring contrast to her pieces.

Au said the Hong Kong Trade Development Council has made it possible for her to present her designs in London.

“It isn’t easy to showcase at London Fashion Week, so we were so excited to be accepted — London is such a creative and diverse place,” Au said. “Hong Kong is an international city and you can see that is reflected on the fashion and designs.”

Heaven Please + is by Lary Cheung and Yi Chan. The duo founded the brand in 2011 and launched their first autumn/winter collection in 2012.

“Our 2018 collection was inspired by a novel written by Hong Kong writer Liu Yichang,” said Cheung.

The collection reflects Hong Kong’s social landscape in the 1950s, as well as the spirit of the 50’s Western high-fashion style.

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