Sunday 19th August 2018

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China sacks six senior officials at food and drug regulator over vaccine scandal

China said on Saturday it has sacked six senior officials at its food and drug regulator after a safety scandal at vaccine maker Changsheng Biotechnology Co Ltd 002680.SZ revealed failings at the government body including inadequate supervision.

Most young Chinese waiting to save for retirement

People need at least 1.82 million yuan ($263,634) of savings for retirement, a new survey shows. However, more than half of young Chinese have not yet started saving.Most young Chinese waiting to save for retirement

US farmers risk losing the market in China

China can minimize the impact of raising tariffs on farm products from the United States by increasing imports from other countries and adjusting domestic agricultural patterns, but the US may lose the Chinese market that its farmers have been exploring for decades, a senior official in charge of agriculture has said.

Beijing’s AI tech luring global investors

The $100 billion SoftBank Vision Fund is seeking to buy more than one billion dollars' shares of SenseTime, a Beijing-based AI startup, according to a report by Bloomberg.