Saturday 24th March 2018

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As China’s Year of the Dog begins, imperial Pekingese breed is scarce

For centuries, owning the flat-faced Pekingese dog was a luxury to be enjoyed only by China’s royal family.After years of turmoil and the 1911 revolution that established China as a republic, however, the dog named after the Chinese capital became available to the masses, and by the 1990s, they were so common that the streets of Beijing, formerly Romanised as Peking, were teaming with strays.

China says US report on steel, aluminum imports ‘groundless’

China's Ministry of Commerce Saturday criticized a US government report on steel and aluminum product imports, saying the findings were "groundless" and do not tally with the facts.

Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi: Lessons for paranoic Erdogan dangerous for Turkey and neighbouring countries

The areas of the activity of the Russian-Turkish commission on Syria have become clear. The Turkish Foreign Minister said that Syria's next government must be "comprehensive" and "secular." Russia insists on closing the Turkish-Syrian border. Is Turkey willing to be in the wake of Moscow's policy in the Syrian conflict?

World economic climate improving considerably in Q1: German think tank

The world economic climate has improved considerably in the first quarter of the year, German economic research institute Ifo reported on Wednesday.