Wednesday 26th September 2018

Samsung defective laptops in Hong Kong market

All of us,as a new branded products as Samsung buyers,we feel that we secure our at home or in a business trip job,with no interruption and in any case we do not expect that will be in trouble as happen to me when I bought a Samsung Notebook Model NP930X2K,in January 2017 in a Hong Kong store.

After a month the screen stops to work and finally succeed to repair it,last June to a New Jersey Samsung repair center traveling by taxi from Manhattan,spending 400 dollars.After a two months,a number issues appeared again.I did file to a Hong Kong consumer council since the store never answer to my messages.Finally last November Samsung contacted me and requested to go and
present my notebook to Wan Chai repair center,where the appointed agent did
not speak English,when they know that I was very limited in Chinese
language speaking and I was force to leave this place.After all I requested an
exchange with a new one,but despite my adventure,Samsung rejected to do that.Our
experience says never again Samsung.

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