Sunday 19th August 2018

An Immigration officer who threatened to use his gun against unarmed peaceful foreign passenger at Los Angeles airport

Finally United States has turned into a land of disrespect,discrimination, and deportations.Many stories reported about (the CBP)officers intimidation at Los Angeles airport.The registered story is that a non U.S citizen passenger during Secondary inspections at passenger secondary area,was talking with the others,same flight passengers.Suddenly a schizophrenic officer with the name Castro threatened the passenger and order him to move at the end of the secondary hall.The passenger said may I know the reason and the paranoic policeman Castro,said because I am a police officer and I have a gun.

When the passenger complain to an other police officer,the answer was that here is our home this a police station.In other words,because passengers are in such places for them are animals,with no human and no civil rights and forced to accept the humiliation, insulting
and threats as the paranoic police officer Castro.
The most interesting story is that the passenger condemn and reported the Los Angeles airport police officer Castro civil and
criminal harassment to Homeland Security and U.S. Customs and Border Protection Supervisory and instead to punish the police officer Castro,the homeland security did cancel the ESTA visa entry in U.S.A.The (CBP) officers brutal behavior,is one of the main reasons which turned down 40% on 2016,2017,visa entry requests and expected an other fall of 20% this year from Asia and especially China,as per last month Wall Street Journal statistics.After all visitors are no eager to visit again USA and to face such degrading treatment, humiliation, and intimidation by U.S. Customs and
Border Protection (CBP) officers.

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